Withdrawals are processed within a couple of days for the norm, so how do withdrawals work on Instant Payout Casinos? Top Dog Casinos is here to guide you.

Last Updated: August 26, 2023

How Casino Withdrawals Work

Finding the highest payout casino game of all tends to be a priority for most players. If there’s a game with huge jackpots up for grabs at the touch of a button, its appeal is pretty obvious.

But what’s often overlooked by ambitious online casino fans is the importance of a fair payment policy. Specifically, a policy that works in favor of the customer where withdrawals are concerned.

Truth is, finding a casino that guarantees a same day payout isn’t always easy.  Withdrawals are processed within a couple of days for the norm, but payouts completed by the end of the day are few and far between. Our instant payout casinos weed them out from the crowd so no research is required on your part.

Still, the importance of carefully consulting a casino’s deposit and withdrawal policy before signing up cannot be overstated. Even if they don’t have a long list of same day payout slots to check out, it’s important to know you won’t be kept waiting days on end to get your hands on your cash.

How Online Casino Withdrawals Work

The basic principles behind an online casino withdrawal are relatively simple.  When you sign up with a casino, you’ll open an account which in many ways works in the same way as a conventional bank account.

There will be a ‘Deposit’ option for placing funds into your account. This can be done by way of credit or debit card, bank transfer, via an online wallet or by using PayPal. Once there is money in your account, you can either use it to play the casino games on offer, or withdraw it. 

What’s important to remember at this point is that with some online casinos, you can only withdraw money back to the same payment source used to deposit it. This means that if you credit funds into your account using a credit card, you may have to use the same credit card to withdraw your money.

Check the terms and conditions carefully to see if this is the case, as policies vary significantly from one casino to the next. It is an important aspect to consider when choosing an online casino.

For the most part, however, it’s simply a case of clicking the ‘Withdraw’ option, entering how much you want to cash out and setting the transfer in motion.

Identity Verification and Withdrawal Limitations

Something else to be aware of is the tendency of most online casinos to place strict limitations on withdrawals. In the T&Cs, you’ll find information on how much you can withdraw in any given day, week or month. These limitations are not usually an issue for most casual players, but could be problematic for high-rollers chasing big wins.

In addition, all casinos without exception request identity verification before allowing withdrawals to be made. Prior to withdrawing money from your account for the first time, you will most likely be asked to submit a photograph of yourself holding a government issued form of photographic identification.

Once processed and verified, you will subsequently be able to request withdrawals without providing any further evidence or documentation.

What Are the Fastest Casino Payment Methods?

For the most part, it is a casino’s in-house payment policies that will determine how long it takes to process transactions. However, the payment method you use when withdrawing money will also influence how long it takes to get your hands on your money.


For example, e-wallets tend to be the fastest of all payment methods for withdrawing cash. Popular options include Skrill, Neteller, ClickandBuy, ecoPayz and many more besides, which depending on the casino’s policies may open the door to instantaneous payouts. Or at least, withdrawals completed within a couple of hours at the most.

Credit and Debit Cards

By far the most popular option for online casino players. Credit and debit card withdrawal processing times vary significantly from one casino to the next. Some action credit card withdrawals within 24 hours, other state an approximate processing time of 3 to 5 working days. All of which will be clarified in the casino’s published terms and conditions.

Bank Transfers

A bank wire transfer can take anything from a few hours to a full week to process. Bank transfers are not only the slowest withdrawal method in most instances, but are also considered not nearly as safe when depositing funds into your account.


Last but not least, PayPal withdrawals technically fall within the bracket of e-wallets and can be processed very quickly. However, processing times when withdrawing money from a PayPal casino account can vary from a few hours to a couple of days, which should be factored in if planning to use this popular payment method.

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