Understanding why people keep gambling online is paramount. There are some motivations and dimensions about it and Top Dog Casinos brings you some insights

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Gambling Online

Nobody is born a gambler. However, several gamblers started gambling online as early as age ten, while others were not as old as ten before they began to gamble and wager. Becoming a gambler at a tender age isn’t a yardstick for measuring whether you would become a successful gambler someday or not. The most important recipe that pushes a gambler to become better and successful is motivation and discipline.

This leads us to the question of why do gamblers gamble? What are the motives or the motivations behind every gambler’s success? Understanding why gamblers gamble could be too cumbersome to execute but studying the motivations behind the reason why they gamble is just as perfect. These dimensions are divided into five categories, and they are well explained below. 

Intellectual challenge/critique:

As funny as this looks, be sure to note that not everybody in a casino house or an online casino platform gambling is there to make money. However, making money is the basis of gambling; it’s not for individuals in this category. These individuals are motivated to gambling because they either have something to prove to themselves that they are always ready to take up any challenge and be successful at it, or they want to prove someone wrong.

Most academics challenge themselves to diversify and study for several honors; some gamble to prove themselves intelligent and always ready to take up tasking tasks. The money never drives gamblers in this category; hence, they do not become problem gamblers quickly. However, some may become obsessed along the line. Most of the money they make from gambling online is mainly donated to orphanage homes or charity to the needy.

Instead of gamblers in this category becoming sober when they lose, they take it as a challenge and keep facing the game head-on until it changes in their favor, hence, obsession.

Hitting the jackpot:

The same energy gambling platforms adopt to make sure gamblers lose their money is the same gamblers put in to always hit the jackpot. One of the motivational dimensions of gambling is hitting the jackpot. A more significant percentage of individuals don’t even care about the rule and regulations of the game. They want to hit the jackpot and go away with the money. Hitting the jackpot is every gambler’s prayer.

However, few of them hit the jackpot. Hence, the reason why most on-land casinos are always filled to the brim. Several gamblers are trying to win on their favorite casino games. This is also one reason why the progressive slot is ubiquitous on both on-land and online casino platforms. The huge progressive jackpot is so enticing that gamblers keep trying and gambling online to win. Most gamblers in this category are prone to becoming problem gamblers if not cautious. 

The more gamblers try to win the progressive jackpot, and they don’t, the more the jackpot increases and the more the gamblers gamble because the orientation is that “I will win this soon”.

Social rewards:

Gambling for social rewards is somewhat similar to gambling for intellectual experiences. Gamblers in this category gamble not to make money for themselves but either for the body they are representing and, in this case, mainly for their states or districts at a competition. Hence, instead of gamblers in this category to make money, they get medals instead for a job well done.

The gamblers get accolades and recognition instead of making money. Gamblers in this category are excellent strategies. Since they are not making money for themselves; rather, they are making it for the body they represent; they don’t become problem gamblers; instead, the pressure on their shoulders is mostly very high. 


Here’s the opposite of gambling online to make real money. However, gamblers in this category could either gamble to relax – as a form of recreation or gamble to learn how to play with real money. Either way, gambling online in this category is 100% harmless as you’ve got nothing to lose and quite a lot to earn and learn. Gamblers in this category can’t become problem gamblers; instead, they might become addicted to playing casino games. 

The chance of winning:

These gamblers are almost similar to those that gamble to hit the jackpot. The only difference is that these gamblers do not easily become problem gamblers; instead, they adopt techniques and discipline to help them stay in check. This set of gamblers are more serious in becoming successful from gambling than these playing to hit the jackpot.

Hence, it is safe to say those in this category prepare for gambling online for the long-term, while the former wants to make money instantly and leave the next minute.

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