Top Dog Casinos looks at how online casinos have become the best form of entertainment, even for people who never used to frequent casinos

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Online Casino Entertainment

Even for people who never used to frequent casinos, online casinos have become the best form of entertainment. And different people give different reasons for choosing online casinos.

The most common reasons that people give for their preference of online casinos, are their bonuses, jackpots, and convenience. Since most gamers want an easy way to win and have fun, online casinos become an obvious choice.

But that is not all. Here are some of the top features online casinos are using to keep gamers engaged, entertained, and thrilled.

12 Reasons why Online Casinos are the Best Entertainment

1) Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

For a long time, Vegas was the best known home of casino gambling. And the one thing it is best known for, is a flashy lifestyle that includes spending a lot of money. You could not have fun in Vegas, without spending heavily.

That changed with the advent of online casinos. You don’t even need money to enjoy playing some games in some online casinos. They offer you huge welcome bonuses, and demo games, which allows you to play all day.

And if you have a few tens of dollars to top up, then the better it is for you. Many players love online casino bonuses and you can use those welcome bonuses to win and withdraw your winnings. There are conditions that you have to follow to withdraw winnings you get from wagering the welcome bonuses.

However, for the fun you get, and the chance to win big, it’s totally worth it. You can walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. Virtually no brick and mortar casino can offer you such bonuses.

2) VIP Memberships

Loyal customers know the hospitality and travel industries for its reward programs. And we all like that more than anything else. It just feels good to redeem the points and use them without swiping a credit card.

Most online casinos followed suit, and now most offer VIP membership rewards. Most casinos allow you to use the points to wager and win. Others use them to improve their VIP player’s experience.

For instance, higher-level VIP members often have dedicated account managers, receive free air tickets, and enjoy expedited winning withdrawals. For some players, that makes online casinos the best entertainment.

3) Jackpots

When it comes to mega jackpots, online casinos can easily beat other forms of entertainment. Most popular online casino games have progressive jackpots – from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you want to win, then seeing those inviting jackpots is a sure way to keep you coming back with a chance to win big. Sure enough, some players have won online casino jackpots.

4) Fair Chances of Winning

It also helps that regulated online casinos offer fair games, since independent third parties often audit the gaming software. There are also platforms and licensing jurisdiction bodies, where players can raise disputes, or review online casinos.

That makes the online casino ecosystem safer and player-centered. Therefore, if they win, there is little chance a casino will attempt to deny them their winnings. The worst that can happen is a player winning big multiple times, but then getting limited bets thereafter.

5) Numerous Casino Game Varieties

The number of online casino games you can access from various casinos is overwhelming. You simply cannot exhaust all the offerings in a single sitting. All you can do is choose your favorite game, have fun, and hopefully win.

Furthermore, you can have similar game titles from different software providers. That gives you more flavors of the same game. And it lets you compare how often you win in different casinos.

6) Live Gaming

For casino players that desire a real life casino experience, they can choose live gaming offers. With live gaming, you participate in a streamed game from a real casino studio. The popular live games include roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. You get to interact with a real live dealer, through a window in the gaming software.

Some casinos will have a male dealer, while others will have female dealers.

They are all kind, professional, and do everything to re-create a traditional casino experience. Quite often, multiple cameras stream from different angles, to provide players a panoramic view of the live casino studio and gaming table.

7) Mobile Gaming Devices

Globally, over 80% of all adults who have access to phones, own a smartphone. And 60% of them frequently access online casino games from their smartphones. That leaves 40% for desktops and laptops.

Which is why it’s not surprising that as a whole, the mobile gaming industry may exceed $300 billion by the end of 2021.

As more casino platforms launch gaming apps, this trend will continue to rise. With smartphones, online casinos are always a few taps away.

8) Easy Access

Most people keep their smartphones close-at-hand. So entertaining themselves with online casino games becomes an obvious choice. Few other forms of entertainment they can access with such ease.

9) Fast Internet and High Screen Resolution

A high-speed internet and devices with high screen resolutions, make gaming from mobile devices entertaining. These technologies help programmers to create life-like animations. That has made online casinos much more entertaining today, than it was a decade ago.

10) Favorable Legislation

Most people are a law-abiding citizen, which explains why few chose to play on foreign licensed online casinos. With the ongoing legalization of local online casinos, they have become a great entertainment option for many.

Many players can now play online casino games and not worry about breaking the law. And for states that have legalized them, they are promoting them as a valuable source of revenue.

11) Low Entry Barrier

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, or a game of golf, the entry barrier for online casino games is non-existence. You can play the trial offerings, or place wagers with as little as $10. That has made them widely popular, among online gamers.

12) Privacy

Not many gamers prefer to be seen frequenting retail casinos. But with online casinos, they can gamble as much as they want. No one may ever know they are ardent casino gamers, except for spouses and bankers.

For many people, having such levels of privacy, makes online casinos and entertainment of choice. And with some casinos introducing social gaming, most young gamers prefer online casino gaming, to going to a pub for fun.

And even if they do, they can still wager as they drink their beers.

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Conclusion – Online Casino Entertainment

You can’t put a price on convenience, and the continued rise of online casinos proves that. Just like online shopping, having fun from wherever you are, and whenever you can, is quite satisfying.

With continued support from federal, state, and local governments, the popularity of online casinos is likely to keep soaring.

And just like other industry stakeholders, we hope that players will get the best out of online casinos. With that in mind, let’s keep gaming responsibly.

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