Online casinos have come a long way. It all started with the use of computers, the internet, and related to creating casino games for gamers at home.

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

5G Internet Speeds for Online Casinos

Online casinos have come a long way. It all started with the use of computers, the internet, and related to creating casino games for gamers at home. The invention of computer graphics was the first significant technology that hit the casino industry.

And it wasn’t long before computer games and gaming consoles became a hit. Previously, you needed to invest in cards, slot machines, and fancy gaming tables, to enjoy gaming at home. With computer graphics, all those games became available on computer screens. 

Many gaming businesses took advantage of this, to promote their products. Companies such as Microsoft started to include card games, as part of their Windows game collection.

With the rise of mobile phones, games took another digital leap. Gamers now spoilt for choice, when it comes to choosing games on their smartphones.

Giants such as Google and Apple created gaming platforms, where gamers could download premium and free mobile phone games.

Analysts project the online casino industry will be worth over $77 billion by 2026. They attribute the fast growth to the increased adoption of smartphones, and access to fast internet speeds.

Currently, the US alone has over 224 million smartphone users, which is about 72% of the US population. And they are all connected to the internet.

5G and Live Gaming

However, getting a live casino experience from smartphones has remained a dream for many. That is set to change with the introduction of 5G Internet speeds.

5G speeds will mean gamers can connect to live casinos online, with experiencing glitches on their connection. And some gamers may even enhance their experience further.

They can do that by combining 5G connection speeds, with virtual reality technology, using 3D technology. However, those who will be travelling while gaming will benefit the most.

Unlike when you are at home, mobile internet connections are unreliable. Internet Service Providers are aware of this problem.

And some are working towards solving it using 5G and satellite technologies. The goal will be to provide consistent and superfast network coverage, globally.

For gaming travelers, that will mean enjoying fast and stable networks, home and away.

Fast Internet Features for Online Casinos

4G speeds were fast, but they were not fast enough for certain gaming applications. That’s why it is still worthwhile to invest in gaming consoles. Otherwise, you may not get maximum from HD and 4K games.

5G is going to change all that, especially when it comes to streaming casino games on mobile. And here is how it is going to happen.

Latency – You get Fast Speeds

Latency is the time delay between when an action of a sending device, and when an effect is seen on the other end of the receiving device. It is caused by the time it takes electronic devices to code, send, receive, and decode information.

Latency is a big problem when it comes to time-sensitive digital communication. Such is the case with online gaming.

A game should receive a player’s action, immediately they issue a command. Otherwise, a lag time may cost them a move, because it gives an opponent an opportunity.

Often during peak usage, 3G and 4G speeds connections get congested, resulting in higher latency. Therefore, during live gaming, the dealer must give a player sufficient time to respond. 

That leads to the degrading of the gaming experience. With high 5G internet speeds of up to 10Gbps, players will be able to experience virtually no lag time when enjoying online casino live gaming.

Bandwidth – More Players Get Connected

Bandwidth is the capacity of an internet connection to connect several devices simultaneously. A higher bandwidth means more people can get a quality connected to the same gaming server.

But a lower bandwidth will cause a degradation in connection speed, or a limit to the number of devices connected.

5G promises a bandwidth that is much larger than 4G. Gamers can expect to get bandwidths of 10Gbit/s, with 5G, against 4G’s 0.5Gbit/s. For gamers, that means they can join larger gaming communities, and they will all play the same game.

There won’t be a need for gamers to limit themselves into a small group of about five or less.


Along with the introduction of 5G, internet service providers are strategizing on how to create 5G network grids that will cover entire nations and continents. That will bring fast internet accessibility to travelling gamers.

And the best part of it is, it will be at prices at their regular subscriptions. In that regard, whether you are gaming at home, travelling, or holidaying away from home, you will still get your 5G connection.

This will also lead to growth of online gaming, as more gamers from around the world get connected.

Cloud-Based Gaming

Gaming hardware is expensive, and it is even more expensive if you want it on mobile. That’s why getting access to a cloud-computing platform seems the best solution for those looking for a high-end gaming experience.

Unfortunately, so far internet connectivity has also been a limiting factor. 5G internet connection will change that. Gamers will be able to connect to cloud-infrastructure and enjoy a virtually limitless gaming power. 

Most gamers may not need to invest in powerful gaming laptops or gaming consoles anymore. Instead, all they may need is just their mobile phone, and a remote desktop connection.

Online Gaming Interface

Having a rich interface along with games with rich graphics can take a toll on a slow connection. 5G connections will be able to solve that problem, thanks to their higher bandwidth.

This will contribute greatly in transitioning the gaming industry from brick and mortar casinos to online casinos. We believe this will be comparable to what has happened to the movie industry. Together with other online casino technology, speed is critical.

The introduction of streaming services, coupled with affordable 4K screens, have completely revolutionized home cinema. We don’t have to go to cinema theaters anymore for a good movie experience. 

So far, 5G speeds are enabling users to stream their games live to video platforms such as YouTube and FaceBook. Experienced gamers can now show their prowess to their followers, and even earn from Ads in the process.

Future of Remote Gaming and Online Casinos

Fast internet speeds have made remote jobs a regular thing. In fact, the recent pandemic proved that some things don’t really need our physical presence.

And for casinos, they learnt that they really don’t have to go out of business during lockdowns, thanks to fast internet speeds. This is why most of them are no longer opposed to legalizing online casinos.

We believe that faster internet speeds is the missing piece to complete the puzzle online community gaming. With 5G superfast speeds, home and travelling gamers can get the same thrill they get from land-based casinos.

For governments, that can only mean more revenue, and one less avenue that criminals can use to launder their money.

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