A descriptive guide on how to play 2-7 Triple Draw Poker, aka Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, and the best casinos to play online.

Last Updated: June 11, 2022

Learning to Play Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

You can play 2-7 Triple Draw poker games in an online casino, and win the pot if you have the best low hand. At home, you can play it if you have a standard 52-card deck, which you shuffle before every hand. When the game starts, the dealer deals each player five cards.

Each 2-7 Triple Draw player then has an option to discard one or more cards, and the dealer will deal them new cards to replace them. The decision on whether to discard or not, is based on the likelihood of the dealt cards making the winning hand.

However, you can discard your cards during the first three rounds only, and then make your final bet in the fourth betting round.

2-7 Triple Draw Best Hand

How to Play 2-7 Triple Draw Online and Win

When you play 2-7 Triple Draw, the best hand is 7-5-4-3-2, and it must not be of the same suit. This hand is referred to as “the wheel” or “the nuts”. Furthermore, flushes, straights, and pairs will count against your hand.

In Triple Draw Lowball, the ACE is a high card, always. Therefore, you should discard a card or cards, or even fold, if you have it along with other high cards. Moreover, if you have a 10-J-Q-K-A, you count it as a straight hand, but not the A-2-3-4-5.

If during a draw two or more players have high cards of equal value, then you have to consider the next highest card. That means in Triple Draw Lowball, the fewer high cards you have, the stronger your hand gets. Therefore, if you have a 9-7-6-4-3, and someone else has a 9-8-6-3-2, your hand wins!

Triple Draw Lowball – Blinds

To create some action, the 2-7 Triple Draw features a small blind that is on the immediate left of the dealer button, and a big blind that is on the left of the small blind. The small blind is often half the size of the big blind. In 2 7 Triple Draw, you act when the big blind gets to your position.

You can either opt to FOLD, CHECK, CALL, RAISE, or Re-RAISE the current bet. Your choice depends on how the previous player acted,  before the big blind moved to your position. Furthermore, if you have just joined the table, you want to get dealt cards immediately, then you have to post a bet equal to the big blind.

However, you can only do that, if neither the small blind nor dealer button is at your position. If they are, then you have to wait until the next hand, to act.

In some online casinos, players have to make a small forced bet called ANTE, on top of the blinds, just to kick-start the game. That helps to bring some action into the game, so that those placing the initial bets have a pot to play for and win.

2-7 Triple Draw Deal – Posting Blinds and Dealing Cards

The first round of 2-7 Triple Draw starts with forced blinds being posted, followed by five cards being dealt to each layer, face down. The first player to be dealt a card is the one on the immediate left of the dealer button, where the small blind is positioned. Once each player has been dealt five cards, the first round of betting starts. 

First Round of Betting

The first player to act is the one on the left of the big blind. They can choose to FOLD, CALL, or RAISE the current bet. The amount that players can CALL or RAISE is determined by the 2-7 Triple Draw versions they are playing.

For a NO LIMIT game, a player can choose to bet all their chips at once, any time they get a chance to act during a round. But for a POT LIMIT game, players can bet any amount from the minimum allowed bet, to the current size of the POT. And in a FIXED LIMIT game, players bet in predetermined increments that correspond to the game’s blind sizes.

If no player chooses to RAISE, and the act gets to the player with the  big blind, that player can choose to CHECK. By CHECKING, they retain their hand without having to place another bet.

2-7 Triple Draw – 1st Draw

Once the first round of betting is over, players can opt to discard their cards, and get dealt new ones. When playing online, you can do that by clicking the cards you wish to discard, and then clicking DISCARD, when your turn to act comes.

You may also check the DISCARD pre-action button, after checking the cards, and they will be auto-discarded, when your time to act comes. If you have a great hand or you wish to continue using your cards, you may “STAND PAT”.

To STAND PAT, you can click the STAND PAT button when your time comes to act, or  check the STAND PAT pre-action option. Your cards will be auto-retained when your turn to act comes around.

Once everybody has acted, those who discarded their cards are dealt replacement cards. If there are fewer cards in the deck than needed, the dealer will take the discarded cards, shuffle them, and then add them to the deck.

However, discarded cards from players who have not been dealt replacement cards must not be included. That ensures no players will get the cards they discarded, as replacement cards.

2nd Betting and Drawing Round

The second round starts with the player on the small blind acting first, and the act moves in a clockwise manner. They can choose to CHECK if there is no existing bet, or make a bet, if there is an existing bet. When betting, they can FOLD, CALL, or RAISE. After each player has acted, the round moves to a draw.

Once the round of betting ends, the players who did not FOLD in the second betting round, get a chance to act in the second round draw. Just like in the first draw, each player has an option to discard from one to five cards, or STAND PAT.

3rd Betting and Drawing Round

After the second draw, the remaining players move to the third betting round. The remaining players who will not have FOLDED in the third betting round, get a chance to draw cards in the third round. Again players can discard one to five cards, and get dealt replacement cards.

4th and Final Betting Round – Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Poker

Once the third draw is complete, players move to the fourth and final betting round. As with the previous round, the first player to act is the one on the left of the dealer button, and the action moves in a clockwise manner. After each player makes their final bet or FOLDs, and the game moves to showdown.

Triple Draw Lowball – Showdown

At showdown the remaining players show their cards. The player with the best Triple Draw Lowball hand wins the game. In the rare event there is a tie, the winners can split the pot equally among themselves.

If the pot cannot be split evenly, the dealer distributes the remaining chips, one at a time, and in a clockwise manner, to the remaining players. The first one to get a chip is the one on the immediate left of the dealer button.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

Conclusion – How to Play 2-7 Triple Draw Poker

That is how you play 2-7 Triple draw poker, and as with any game, the more you play, the better you get at it. It is an enjoyable table game at the casino and is popular among Poker players. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide, and you will have fun playing 2-7 Triple Draw online.

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