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Last Updated: June 9, 2022

Crypto Online Gambling

First, before you can vividly answer the question of safety, you need to understand what crypto gambling is all about. Online crypto gambling is similar to regular online casino gambling with real money. The only difference is that, instead of gambling with fiat, you’d be using digital currencies. Since that has been established, there’s a need for you to understand that digital currencies are not all accepted worldwide.

While some countries have accepted it as a means of exchange and payment, some countries are putting up regulations while others banned its usage. Hence, you must first understand if your country/location accepts crypto as a means of payment.

If all of these questions have been answered positively, we can establish that it is safe to gamble with crypto. Nonetheless, before depositing your crypto in an online gambling platform, be sure to know that the platform is legalized and safe. 

Risks and Legality of online gambling with Cryptocurrency

As mentioned above, before depositing, endeavor that your platform is legal and trustworthy. Ensure the site and the admin (owner) of the site are known and not just a figurehead. The owner might decide to shut the website down or send malicious wares alongside some data to your computer via depositing or withdrawals. 

The Legality of online gambling with crypto is never constant. Hence, the rate at which online gamblers are being apprehended varies. Some of these risks might be as a result of using Cryptocurrency in a location where it’s prohibited, hence, arrest. There’s a need for you to understand that there is no written federal law that will charge a gambler with the crime of gambling. 

Factors that help to prove gambling with crypto is safe

Fast deposits and withdrawals:

Before the admission of crypto into the online gambling space, deposits and withdrawals are always mostly through third-party financial institutions. As a result of this, there might be hiccups during these transactions, making it tiresome sometimes. Since the adoption of crypto into online gambling, transactions have never been easier and faster. With just a click from your computer, you can deposit and or withdraw payment into your preferred crypto wallet without having to go through a third party in less than a minute, leading to instant withdrawals in many cases. 


Every gambler wants to participate actively online with 100% anonymity. This is one of the perks of gambling online. However, since you’d be having to verify your acct details, there’s a need for your biodata. Crypto has helped to eradicate this process. All you need to do is submit a valid wallet address for every of your transaction. It helps to keep your records in end-to-end encryption, where your identity remains 100% anonymous. 

Acceptability and Homogeneity:

Another essential feature is that crypto is widely accepted. Although some countries have regulated its activity and some have banned its use, most countries accept it as a means of payment. Once your preferred online gambling platform accepts crypto, you can be rest assured that it is accepted in your location. You

 need not worry about the rates because the homogeneity of crypto makes it the same worldwide. Hence, Bitcoin is $58k in the United States, and it’s the same price as Bitcoin in the United Kingdom and Canada. The homogeneity makes it relatively easy to transact even on an international level aiding in international trade. 


Gambling with crypto is another level of secure. Before you can successfully place your bet, you might be asked for two-factor authentication as a user. This helps to keep spammers and scammers away from getting any close to your account. The two-factor identification most times will require you to verify a link sent to your mail or input some unique digits sent to your mobile number. Without these authentications, no financial activity would take place on your account. Either for deposits, withdrawals, or for placing betting. 


The adoption of Cryptocurrency is one of the best things that has happened to the online gambling community. It came with a lot of perks and liberty for players especially. You can now sit at the comfort of your house anywhere in the world and gamble on a platform league away from your location without worrying about deposits and withdrawals.

Instead of having to upload your biodata and go through a third-party system to access your finance, crypto made it all possible with just a click of your mouse. You need not worry about the rigorous tones of verification you usually undergo before signing up, thanks to crypto. Crypto betting is safe and very efficient.

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