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According to a study carried out by Global Consumer Pulse, online gambling experienced a 54.81% growth in license agreement/policy violations. Moreover, online gaming experienced a 48.40% growth in Gold Farming types of fraud.

Customers were not spared either by fraudsters. Customers in iGaming experienced a 9% increase in fraud. This growing trend of fraud in the casino industry underlines the importance of gaming integrity services.

And US Integrity, a top provider of sports betting protection, is at the forefront of offering integrity services. It leverages the data it collects with its advanced fraud detection algorithms to deliver a reliable fraud protection service.

US Integrity recently announced that it is collaborating with Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment. In the partnership, US Integrity will offer its integrity services to the Arizona-based betting firm’s mobile sportsbook business.

Under the deal, US Integrity will provide Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment with monitoring services using its own dashboard. Therefore, US Integrity will get access to the betting firm’s mobile and retail sportsbooks live data.

Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise’s CEO, Mike Bean, welcomed the deal with US Integrity. The deal comes at a time when the company is expanding its mobile and betting platform in Arizona.

While commenting about the new partnership, Bean said the deal with US Integrity services proves the company is committed to offering a safe mobile gaming experience. He said the system can identify potentially fraudulent bets in real-time.

US Integrity’s co-founder and CEO, Mathew Holt, was also enthusiastic about the deal with Desert Diamond Casinos. He said the deal is going to bolster the company’s goal of preserving the integrity of its sports betting business.

How US Integrity Monitoring Services Works with Betting Firms

US Integrity uses its working relationship with sports betting firms to acquire betting data sets. And it acquires that data in real-time. That eliminates the chances of alteration or bias introduced by third-party analytical tools.

It then analyzes the data sets to come up with wagering trends. It then compares the wagering trends with administrative reports provided by the sportsbook providers. Armed with that information, US Integrity can identify suspicious wagering trends.

It can then publish reports indicating whether a manipulation has occurred at the contest or officiating level. It can also issue real-time alerts to the sports establishment when it detects ongoing manipulation.

These alerts are crucial for protecting both players and the business from betting scams. Most jurisdictions require that sports establishments provide regular audit updates. And services such as US Integrity are there to help licensed firms remain compliant and serve their customers better.

Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment

Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment is currently among Arizona’s biggest tribal casino operators. That is why it is not surprising that Las Vegas Sands, a leading global operator of integrated casino resorts, chose to invest in the firm.

Tohono O’odham Nation’s commercial organization operates Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment brand. And the brand now operates three retail sportsbooks, spread out in its four tribal casino locations in Arizona.

Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment opened its mobile sports betting venture in February 2022. It currently operates in Why, Sahuarita, Tucson, and Glendale. It prides itself on its vision to improve the lives of Arizona residents along with that of the tribe.

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort was the first tribal casino to team up with US Integrity for its services. It did so in February 2022 to benefit from the company’s integrity services.

Port Madison Enterprises, the Suquamish tribe’s business arm that operates Clearwater Casino, hired US Integrity to help it monitor its gambling operations.

How US Integrity Delivers its Services

Overall, US Integrity relies on four monitoring pillars to deliver its betting integrity services. That is the line and movement betting analysis, the misuse of insider information, notable players or coaching events, and referee monitoring.

These four ensure that it can offer conflict-free casino monitoring services.

And to help it do that, it doesn’t distribute the data event data it gathers to operators. It also does not give betting-related recommendations or risk management actions such as suggesting or generating wagering lines.

Most importantly, it works with licensed and regulated sportsbooks only to get real-time betting data legally.

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