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Last Updated: September 14, 2023

Best Online Casino Payment Methods

All online casino players need a banking option that suits them to allow them to deposit and withdraw their funds. Top Dog Casinos has reviewed many casino payment methods to help you find a casino that fits your preferred banking medium.

It goes without saying that the right casino banking option is of paramount importance to players. If you cannot fund your account with a way that suits, you cannot play.

Fortunately, there are many online casino payment options these days. This allows almost every player around the world to have something that they can use to fund their chosen online casino accounts.

What we will do is split our reviewed payment methods into categories to help you find the type of payment that suits you.

The most common categories tend to fall under the following:

CryptocurrencyE-walletsInstant Bank TransfersPrepaid CardsMobile Payments

Cryptocurrency Payments

E-Wallet Payments

Instant Bank Transfer Payments

Prepaid Card Payments

Pay by Mobile Payments

Good Casino Deposit Options are Important

As we have already mentioned, having your preferred casino payment methods available are important to you the player. Moreover, it allows you to deposit and withdraw with ease and peace of mind when your preference is available to you.

Not all options suit everyone. Some players prefer e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, whereas others only like using anonymous cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin or Litecoin. Therefore, a player needs to play at a casino that has what they need.

It is of no use recommending an online casino to a player looking to deposit with a Neosurf gift card, when all the casino offers is cryptocurrency deposits. This is why we have set up this guide to the most popular casino payment methods.

Luckily though, with so many options available nowadays, there is always something for everyone when gambling online.

Casino Banking Options

Types of Casino Banking Methods

Each individual payment method review on our site discusses all the pros and cons of that particular platform. However, lets take a brief look at each type of casino banking option.


Probably becoming one of the most popular forms on online payments is the e-wallet. Used world over for millions of online transactions, the likes of PayPal and Skrill seem to be everywhere these days.

Not to mention upcoming versions like MuchBetter and iDebit, it seems like e-wallets have taken the world by storm over the years.

A major benefit with an e-wallet is that you can load your online wallet with funds and then use this to make purchases online without the need to disclose you credit card details or banking information to the recipient.

Regardless of whether this is to buy goods online or fund an online casino account. Your funds stay in this wallet until you need to spend or withdraw to your bank account.

PayPal is one of the oldest having been around since 1998. With PayPal, you can even send money to your friends and family. Many people like to use PayPal to move funds around.

However, when it comes to PayPal and online casinos, this combination is only available to UK online casino players.

Talking of online casinos and e-wallets, players world over tend to benefit more from the likes of Neteller and Skrill. This is due to being more widely accepted for gambling transactions.

For example, Skrill, formally Moneybookers, having been founded in 2001, have become a worldwide favorite for casino transactions. They are available in many countries.

The same can be said for Neteller. Founded in 1999, they conduct millions of transactions worldwide.

Overall, an e-wallet is a convenient option when it comes to online money transactions. Moreover, a hugely popular form of online casino payment methods.

Cryptocurrency Payments


To some people, especially in the online gambling world, Cryptocurrency seems to be taking over in many respects. This can depend on where in the world you are located though.

In the USA especially, Cryptocurrency has become a hugely popular form of casino payment methods. This is because US players are often restricted to using other forms of payment for gambling.

Not only the United States though, Cryptocurrency is available all over the world. It is an anonymous payment system where you send to a crypto address. You will need to set up an online crypto wallet to fund and store your currency.

It is non traceable and non refundable. This does mean that if you send to the wrong address, you will lose your money.

Of course, this may scare some people. But as long as you are vigilant and make sure the address is correct, it is a very secure and anonymous way to deposit and withdraw from your casino accounts.

We have evaluated the most popular forms of cryptocurrency. In the forms of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can learn more about each currency in their respective reviews.

Mobile casino payment methods

Mobile Payments

Depositing into an online casino account via your mobile phone does not come any easier to many folks. This can come in a few ways.

Boku, founded in 2009, is a pay by mobile phone bill type of platform. Basically, you deposit into your online casino account and the amount is charged to your mobile phone bill. No personal financial information is required.

Unfortunately though, Boku is only available to players inside the UK who are on a mobile network that supports this platform. So, albeit restricted, UK players have the benefit of depositing this way.

Even though MuchBetter is considered an e-wallet, you can use their app to fund your account. Therefore, in some ways, it can also be considered a mobile payment.

But for arguments sake, we will categorize MuchBetter as an e-wallet for casino transactions.

On the other hand, Zimpler is a pay-by-phone method available to players from Germany, Sweden and Finland only.

With a Zimpler account, you connect your cards and bank account in one place and use this to fund your casino account.

Talking of Germany, online casinos for Germans are often a mirror for other European and Nordic countries when it comes to online casinos. They often share the same rules and restrictions, and well as payment methods.

Overall, mobile payments are popular and convenient. That being said, they are restricted to only a handful of countries wishing to deposit using these casino payment methods.

Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card has many benefits to a lot of people. Also referred to as a gift card, this is where you can pay in cash without the worry of your bank account or credit card being billed.

We have fully reviewed the two most common forms of deposit methods for casino sites. Namely paysafecard and Neosurf. Both of these cards can be purchased in gas stations and convenience stores all over the world.

Both companies have store locators on their websites so that you can easily find a store close to you. Aside from buying in store, there is also the option to buy these prepaid cards online.

Again, you can visit the sites of these card providers to locate an online portal to easily buy one of their cards.

It is almost like buying real money online, but with real money so to speak, for casino deposits.

Another form of anonymous payment in many ways. You do not have to disclose any personal information to the recipient. You simply enter the gift card code to deposit the prepaid amount.

One drawback of course with this type of deposit method is that there is a limit to the denomination on prepaid cards, usually £/$/€100. However, you may use multiple cards to fund a larger deposit of course.

In general, a safe and secure way to fund a casino account using money outlaid already. This way players can easily stay in control of their gambling.

Instant Transfer Logo

Instant Payments

It should go without saying that no one would like to wait a while for either a deposit nor a withdrawal to be processed. When players are ready to play, they want to play, simple as that.

The truth is, there are very few casino payment methods that make you wait. And this is a good thing obviously. The exceptions would be the likes of bank transfers that can take several days.

An online casino deposit should be just like you are sitting at a table handing over your cash. Or sitting on front of a slot machine inserting your bills. We mean really, they should be instantaneous.

Fortunately, that actually is the case with practically every banking option we review. Lets looks at a few options:

Lets take e-wallets like Instadebit, iDebit, Skrill and Neteller for example. As long as you either have the funds available in your wallet, or your connected bank account is in good standing, the deposits with be instant.

As soon as you connect to your e-wallet via the casino cashier and click deposit, the funds will be available to play with.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, this is also fast, but sometimes not quite so instant.

Lets take Bitcoin as an example.

Bitcoin is a brilliant, anonymous form of online casino deposits. It is also speedy. However, payments can take upwards of 15 minutes to go through due to the Blockchain confirmations that the currency must go through to be confirmed and released.

Litecoin and Etheruem on the other hand are often touted for having faster confirmations across the network.

Overall, this is no great hardship for most players. Waiting 15 minutes is not a big deal to many.

It does of course come down to personal preference at the end of the day.

What about Credit Cards?

Any credit card is very much instant. This is one of the casino payment methods that is a sure fire instant deposit.

Of course, credit cards allow for instant transactions. Whether you are in a department store purchasing products, or buying goods or services online.

However, Credit Cards are not among our reviewed online casino payment options on Top Dog Casinos.

We did not feel this to be necessary due to the fact that everyone knows what a credit card is. They have been around for an age really.

Moreover, practically every online casino does have the credit card as a deposit and withdrawal method.

The trouble is, many folks will have problems trying to make a deposit into an online casino via credit card.

Most often, this is because their bank will not allow gambling transactions through their credit cards. A very common problem among gamblers wishing to utilize their cards for their casino deposits.

That being said though, it will come down to your bank and the country you live in. And of course whether your bank will allow gambling transactions.

If you are able to fund your account with your Visa or Mastercard, than good for you.

Credit cards are very much an instant payment deposit as much as any other. However, is you wish to withdraw via the same method, it will take several days to get your winnings.

That is another story though. But if instant withdrawals are of importance to you as a player, you can view and select from our quickest payout online casinos. These will leave you with little waiting time when using a fast method.

Online Casino Payment Methods Conclusion

We have already stated how important deposit options are. They allow many players to play their favorite online casino games and enjoy the ups and downs that they bring.

Top Dog Casinos has evaluated many casino deposit options. Therefore, we hope that we have something for everyone.

We have highlighted about how online casino payment methods play a crucial role in deciding where to play as a gambler. Moreover, if the casino has your favorite method available, then you are in a good and favorable comfort zone.

Have fun playing online. Please play responsibly.

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