We look at why UK online casinos are among the best worldwide. What makes them the best to play at and why?

Last Updated: June 5, 2022

UK Online Casinos Among the Best

The UK online gambling market has been flourishing for a long time, due to the supportive gambling legislation. Plus, the UK has had a strong gambling culture for ages, among all classes of the population, including UK Casinos.

That has made it easy for the population to transition to online gaming from traditional casinos. So far, the UK Gambling Commission has issued over 3,600 licenses to over 2,600 online gaming companies. And there are now over 175 online in the UK.

Some of those companies now have a presence in the EU and US markets as well. That has made online betting the largest source of Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) in the UK. As of 2020, UK’s GGY was estimated at over $3.3 billion (2.4 billion GBP).

Moreover, the innovative features of online casinos have also played a role in popularizing UK online casinos. In many ways, they just make it easy for players to game online, instead of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

For casinos and the UK gambling commission, offering the best online casino services means more profits and taxes respectively. While players don’t pay taxes on their winnings, companies pay a 21% tax on their gambling profits.

That’s why they both work together to make sure that UK casinos offer the best service to online casino players. But what are some of the best features that UK online casinos offer? Here is a brief overview of UK online casinos.

UK Online Casinos Features and Offerings

When players choose online casinos, they don’t just want to place wagers and spend their money. They also want to get the thrill of gambling, win some or more of their money back, and quickly access their winnings.

And since UK players don’t pay tax on their winnings, for them it’s just more fun when they withdraw their winnings.

In that regard, here are some features of UK online casinos that make them stand out.

Variety and number of games

Many UK online casinos offer quite a large selection of gaming titles and varieties. The leading casinos can have as many as 400 titles. Other casinos offer up to 3,000 games, from all genres. That’s enough to meet the gambling appetite of any online casino player.

Apart from offering popular casino games such as Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and Live gaming, they also offer sports betting. Players can switch to sports betting at any time, and place bets during the entire duration of a game.

Wagering and Bets

In sports betting, players aren’t limited to wagering on the overall outcome of the game. They can also wager on various gaming events, such as the number of corners in a game of soccer. They can also wager on who will score first, or how many goals a particular player will score.

Collaboration with International Casinos

With such features, gambling in the UK has been able to generate massive revenues for online casinos. In turn, the casinos have used the revenues to introduce new innovative features. Some UK gaming companies are also expanding into international markets such as the US.

An example is the UK-based GAN, which collaborated with Soaring Eagle to open an online casino and sportsbook in Michigan. Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Nation owns and operates soaring Eagle.

Soaring Eagle launched their operations in May 2021, in a bid to cash from the ongoing online casino growth.

Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Nation was the fourth tribal casino operator, and 14th operator overall, to get a gambling license in Michigan, in 2021.

Moreover, according to the UK gambling law, it is legal for UK casinos to accept international players.

Overall, the steady growth of UK casinos has had a snowballing growth effect. Whereby, they get to benefit from new global online casino developments. And it may take a while before single gaming operators from other countries catch on.

UK Casino Bonus

Bonuses and Promotions in UK Online Casinos

Online casino players love it when they get casino bonuses and promotions. Unlike in brick-and mortar-casinos, welcome wagering bonuses are a common thing in online casinos. And UK online casinos are known for their fat bonuses.

Some UK casinos offer as much over $800 (600 GBP) in welcome bonuses. And even for those that have low welcome bonuses, they rarely offer less than $14 (10 GBP). Apart from the bonuses, the huge jackpots that sometimes run into millions of dollars are a huge incentive.

UK casinos also offer promotions on various advertisement platforms, such as news sites, with activation codes that new players can use.

Accessibility on Different Platforms

The rise of mobile computing and communication devices has enhanced internet access greatly. UK online casinos have taken advantage of access to bring betting to the gamers’ fingertips. As of 2021, 39% of UK gamblers said they do use mobile devices to access online casinos.

Today, placing bets on UK casinos is as easy as making a call. Players can now bet using their smartphone phone apps, tablets, laptops, and desktops. And even for international players, once they have verified their accounts, accessing UK casinos becomes effortless.

Unfortunately, for some casino games, that can easily lead to gambling addiction, if they fail to exercise self-moderation.

Payment Options and Payout Speed at UK Casinos

Unlike a traditional casino, cold hard cash is of no use when wagering in online casinos. You need an online payment processor to help you deposit funds in an online casino. This can present some challenges for some players where gambling is illegal.

That’s why UK casinos support virtually all popular online casino payment methods. With UK online casinos, you can fund your account with Bitcoins, credit and debit cards, mobile money apps, and even bank transfers.

Popular UK casinos also make it easy to withdraw your funds. However, most online casinos require that you withdraw to the same account/funding method you used to fund your account. 

For instance, if you fund with a Bitcoin account, then you must withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin. However, this can also provide instant withdrawals from the casinos, because you do not need to go through any further payment verification processes.

The deposit and withdrawal limits are also player-friendly. That makes it easy for players to game to their satisfaction. However, players must confirm their identity to be able to make withdrawals.

Customer Support Standards

Customer support is important, especially when players can only access a casino online. For many online casinos, such support is almost non-existent. However, with UK online licensed casinos, customer support is available 24/7.

Most casinos offer email, chat, and phone support to all their players. Moreover, some players may receive a dedicated account manager. Account managers help players solve gaming-related issues fast, which improves their gaming experience.

Licenses and Arbitration

The UK online casinos get their licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. They may also obtain additional licenses for other gaming jurisdictions. Moreover, the most popular UK casinos are members of gambling/gaming arbitration services.

The UK gaming license also requires online casinos to have their gaming software audited by a third party. That goes a long way in giving UK casino players fair and secure gambling platforms.

For players, that means if they receive or feel they received unfair treatment, they can seek legal redress or arbitration. Most players choose to seek arbitration since it often doesn’t cost them anything.

In that regard, gaming in UK casinos presents minimal or no risks to players. And that translates to a pleasurable gaming experience for many players.

UK Casinos and Casino Games

Conclusion – UK Online Casinos

Online UK casinos are among the most popular, thanks to the UK’s friend gambling culture. Their games are fair and offer a variety of gaming titles to players in the UK, and around the world. That has made them popular and sustained their continued growth.

For players, this means they can win massive jackpots, and access to secure online casino platforms. We hope this trend can continue not just in the UK, but in other countries as well.

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