There are several online casino dice games, and knowing how to play each of them, and their strategies, are crucial. Top Dog Casinos tells you all about them

Last Updated: June 9, 2022

Casino Dice Games

The dice game is year another fascinating game you can play on an online casino. It’s has been in existence all over the glove for a long time. The advent of the 6-sided dice could be dated to 2600 years ago in China. The dice was merely a tool for fortune-telling but the focus and use changed along the line. 

Casino dice games are as easy as possible if you can blend strategy and luck. However, the game is more strategy than luck. Since it involves the active rolling of 6-sided dice, you need to possess an ounce of luck at least. None withstanding, it is essential that as a player, your strategies and understand basic principles behind probability. Blending these two factors will make you seem like a champion when it comes to playing dice games. 

There are several Online casino dice games worldwide, and knowing how to play each of them, and their strategies are crucial. If you’d be playing these games for real money, there’s a need for you to read this guide to the very end. 

Here are some of the most popular casino dice games you can play with real money 

Online craps:

Just like online slots, craps is the most popular online dice game you’d find in the casino. If you are looking for an exciting and engaging dice game, you need to visit the online craps tables. Although several players view the game of craps  as the most monstrous table game, it doesn’t have to be scary if you follow the craps strategies closely. 

Most times, Craps players ignore the side bets and place their entire focus on the main bet. Remember that the “pass line” bet is primarily on the shooter for him to win and we have the “don’t pass” line bet. The pass line bet wins when the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll. In contrast to this, the “pass line” bet is regarded as loss of the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or a 12. If the roll comes in any other number, it becomes a point. 

Be sure to note that the dice hits the back wall when throwing dice.

Chuck A Luck

From the name, this dice game depends more on luck than strategy. It’s relatively easy to play and straightforward to grasp. While playing the game, all you do is throw three dice in a spinning cage with the probability of getting a set number of dice with your wagered outcome. Hence, if it’s your first time playing online dice games, it is expedient for you to try out the Chuck A Luck in other to understand how online dice games work. It’s a more suitable game for casino novices. The overall game pays 1:1 for a single game and up to 30:1 for a jackpot throw. Just hit the online casino of your choice and visit Chuck A Luck. 


Hey, don’t be afraid just yet. The name might sound like a “No go area” but, the game is extremely engaging and fun! Before the advent of crap games, we had Hazard dated back to the 12th-14th century. It is, however, fun to note that crap got its name from “crab,” which is a roll of a 1-2 or a 1-1 on Hazard. It is also pertinent to note that the gameplay of crap is similar to Hazard. Hence, it’s safe to say; the Crap game is a replica of Hazard. 

Online Hazard encompasses the caster throwing two dice to kick off the main point, which could be any number ranging from 5 to 9, and in most cases, it takes more than one throw. The player then bet against the shooter; maybe he wins or loses. Hence, the shooter throws the dice after wagers have been made. It’s straightforward. 

5 is nicked by 5, 6 is either nicked by 6 or 12. 7 is thrown in by a 7 or 11, 8 by 8 or by a 12, while 9 is nicked by a 9. The shooter loses when he throws in aces or deuce-ace. 

Casino Dice Games Summary

You can play several other online dice games for real money, and they include simplified crap, Sic bo, Banka Francesca, and Klondike. There’s nothing all scary about online dice games. You need to understand the principles behind every game and apply them accordingly. If you want to enjoy the feel, visit an online casino today and get the game on. Remember, it’s your blending of strategy and luck that helps you maximize earnings on online dice games the most.

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