Top Dog Casinos explains how technology has shaped slot machines into the most advanced online slot machine games we know nowadays.

Last Updated: June 9, 2022

Traditional Slot Machines

Several games in both online and traditional casinos have their peculiarity. Take blackjack, for example; it comes with a giant board with several cards of different colors. Slot machines are the same as this assumption of blackjack. When you mention slots, you discuss the jackpots, the reels, and paylines.

The traditional slot machine has a payline, a reel, and numbers rolling. To make a win, you need to make three identical figures, and you have won! That’s how the traditional slot machine works. However, since advancement into online pc and mobile gambling has become rampant, there has been a shift from traditional and seemingly noisy on-land casino houses to conveniently playing your favorite slot-themed game online using your mobile phone.  

The traditional slot machines are still in vogue in some on-land casinos, and they still work effectively as new as ever. The only difference is the output level when compared to slot online gambling/online slot gaming. Here’s a summary of how technology has shaped the traditional slot machine into the slot online machines

The Traditional Slot Machine

The classical slot machine was invented in 1895. The structure includes a three-reel mechanism with five symbols: hearts, liberty bells, horseshoes, spades, and diamonds. The machine also has just a single payline, as mentioned earlier. It also has a reel by the side of the machine attached to a lever.

The mode of play is straightforward and easy. Once you are ready to play and you’ve deposited and placed your bets, the next thing and the only thing you do is to pull the level for the reel to move. Then the reel is set in motion, and it begins to spin. Once you have three identical items displayed on the screen, you’ve won! Likewise, if you don’t, you lost and could probably try again depending on your discretion.

Modification to Traditional Slot Machines

Several modifications have been made to the traditional slots as it has some shortcomings that have put casino house owners in debt. One of the shortcomings of the classical/traditional slot machine is that it could be easily manipulated. It’s a machine. However, its structure lacks technological intelligence.

Quite a number of players might use magnets to rig the rate at which the reel spins. Since it’s made of metal, it becomes easy and susceptible to rigging using a giant magnet placed by the side of the machine. 

Another trick most great gamblers use is to feed the slot machine with many coins that it can take at a time. Once this is achieved, it jams the engine forcing it to register a jackpot. Multiple entries of coin choke the machine to a fault. Once the jackpot triggers, the player wins massively! 

These are the shortcomings of the traditional slot machine, unlike the mobile slot machine, which is the advanced level of slot gambling. However, VR gambling is rapidly becoming a success, especially in the online gambling community; mobile gambling is still the most preferred method of playing casino games. 

Online Slot Machine

Slot Online brought the advancement into casino slot game gambling. Thanks to technology, gambling, primarily online slot gaming, are now possible and could be done on the mobile phone on the go. However, the traditional slot machine and the online slot work almost the same way. They are very different in several other ways. While you can both play them easily and earn money, you get to earn maximally while playing online slot games due to the number of payline on online slot machines.

Unlike the traditional slot machine where you have one payline, the online slot machine could have paylines ranging from 1 to 25 depending on the design of the online slot machine. Also, the numbers of reels are a differentiating factor. The online slot machine could have three or five-reel. However, the traditional slot machine has just one single reel.

It’s impossible to rig games on slot online machines since the machine is 100% computerized, unlike the classical slot machine where rigging and cheating are very easy to achieve. Also, as mentioned above multiple paylines in online slot machine gives players the opportunity of increasing their chances of winning massively unlike the traditional slot machines.

Impact of Technology on Slot Online Games

The impact of technology can never be over-emphasized. Technology has been a significant game-changer in the gambling community as several modifications have now been made to help increase the efficiency and usage of the online gambling community. You don’t need to walk miles before playing your favorite online slot games.

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